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MythRip is a GUI tool for exporting and encoding MythTV recordings to standard video formats (avi, mkv, etc)

It was designed as a more user-friendly (and in some ways more powerful) alternative to the venerable, powerful CLI tool "nuvexport".


  • mencoder backend which can easily be extended to support any video and audio codecs which mencoder supports
  • x264 support
  • Single or two-pass operation
  • MythTV cutlist support; remove commercials from your recordings
  • Encoder preset system offers reasonable defaults, and the ability to create custom presets (inspired by handbrake)
  • Ability to delete recordings from MythTV, with or without the 'rerecord' flag
  • Limited video 'preview' system to view raw recordings from MythTV in the GUI
  • Full-featured encoding queue
    • Multiple simultaneous encoding jobs
    • Queue re-ordering
  • Configurable output filenames via a filename template
  • wxWidgets GUI

MythRip is, for now, distributed with an altered copy of the official MythTV python bindings, which are licensed under the LGPL.

Not anymore!

License: GPLv2